Star Trek: The Previous Generation

2270 – Ker’rat System

Captain Acknal Sym adjusted in his chair, putting on his best “I completely understand what you just said” face. “Fascinating, Commander. And what are the implications of this… uh… temporal-spatial distortion we’ve detected?”

By some unknown feat of Vulcan physiology, Science Officer Delvok – always stern – was able to make himself look even more grim. “Beyond this rift lies a completely different time and place. We could send a probe through to investigate, but I believe that it is in our best interests to not. Given the danger of temporal contamination, it would not be logical to threaten the timeline merely to satisfy our curiosity.”

Now that was something Captain Sym could understand. “Right as always, Mr. Delvok. Ensign Sozen, let’s drop a warning buoy.” The Andorian ops officer nodded, and Captain Sym looked back to his science officer. “What could cause something like this? It’s like nothing else we’ve seen in the Ker’rat system.”

Commander Delvok refrained from showing the exasperation he felt with his superior officer. “You have answered your question already, Captain. Logically, the rift was caused by something not in this system at this moment. Either it-”

The Vulcan was interrupted by a sudden, violent shake. The U.S.S. Samarkand was under attack.

“Lieutenant Kaghan, shields up! And what the hell just hit us?”

“A decloaking D-7, sir. Klingon markings… it looks like it’s the I.K.S. Kahless,” Helmsman Nezi Kaghan responded.

“Damn that Klink, he just doesn’t give up! Damage report, Ensign Sozen.”

“Heavy casualties being reported in Engineering, Captain. Our warp drive is offline.”

Delvok turned to Sym. “Captain, it would seem that Captain Koll has specifically targeted our engines. I should not have to remind you, that the last time you crossed Koll, he promised he would rip out y…”

“We’re being hailed, Captain,” Lieutenant Kaghan inserted.

Captain Sym glanced at his Science Officer. “I’m quite aware of his promise, Mr. Delvok. On screen.”

A Klingon captain leered at the bridge crew. “Captain Sym, what a pleasant surprise. I didn’t anticipate us meeting again so soon.”

Sym stood, straightening his green-yellow uniform as he advanced forward. “Cut the crap, Koll. What the do you want with me and my ship?”

“Why, Captain, I’m surprised you should ask. I want to see you dead, and the Samarkand a burning hulk in space. But… my weapons officer tells me you are testing some sort of new weapon, one with unusual temporal properties. Were you to hand over the specification for such a device, I might be inclined to let you – or at least your crew – live for another day.”

Captain Sym smiled back. “Then your weapons expert is as stupid as you are. That’s a naturally occurring phenomenon! My ship has-”

“What a shame. And here I thought I was being generous. Good bye, Captain.”

“Wait! Alright, alright you’re correct. Give me some time to recall the data on our computers.”

“You’re a pathetic liar. And if you are telling the truth – I’ll just take the information from your cold, dead hands.” The transmission went dead.

“The Klingons are coming around for another attack run, Captain,” Helmsman Kaghan reported.

Captain Sym sat back in his command chair. “All power to shields. Phasers on standby. Let’s pray we get through this.”

4 thoughts on “Star Trek: The Previous Generation

  1. I keep forgetting to mention this too, but I like the blog’s new look. I also figured you meant for your title to be Treachery…so I finally changed that link on my blogroll.

    Is this going to be an ongoing story about your STO captain? I hope so.

    • I consider it to be both, honestly, with no personal preference. “Faith, Treachery, and the Great River” is the name of a DS9 episode (that I still haven’t seen!), and I really liked it.

      I do like the new look, too! Thanks for the input!

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