Final Fantasy

My posting has been curtailed recently, for several good reasons. My school quarter is wrapping up, and I’ve got final papers to both write and grade. This has meant I’ve not been playing STO as much as I have in weeks past.

Also, the time I do have to play has been going somewhere else – Final Fantasy XIII. Yeah, instead of investing the money into ME2, and instead of playing more Borderlands (which I just bought all the DLCs to), I decided I’d put my PS3 to good use and finally play a game on it.

Final Fantasy and I have this sorta lukewarm, torrid relationship. Up till six months ago, I’d never finished any of them; in undergrad, I started both XII and Tactics, but never finished either. But this Christmas, I finally finished FFXII, and I decided that I’d make XIII “my” game, in that I’d get in early and play it and do really well.

So far, it has been a blast. I’m thinking I might post some about it, despite it not being a sci-fi game or an MMO. Though I’m not sold on the idea, I did go ahead and change the layout of my blog – the other design was starting to seem a little too dark and oppressive.

Star Trek Online

In STO news, lots of new info is out concerning the first large content patch, “Season One – Common Ground.” Also, a new State of the Game has been released, and the Calendar has been beautified.

Given the continued success of WoW, its ability to hold subscribers, and the rate of recidivism among subscribers that try to move to new games, it’s often asked “In a post-WoW market, what does an MMO have to do to succeed?” I think what we’re witnessing is a company trying its darndest to be successful. Cryptic is now moving past the “complain about what wasn’t in launch” phase toward the “see if the devs have heard and are doing something about it” phase. Things could still go horribly wrong – but I’ll be damned, making a Pakled sounds f-ing awesome.

7 thoughts on “Final Fantasy

  1. I think Cryptic is trying as well learning from some their mistakes to make the game better. But that takes some time to do.

    The problem with many people is they want what they want or what they want change last week. Tomorrow is never fast enough! However one dosen’t expect changes to take forever either. Lots of WoW players are playing STO, and WoW players are not generally patient either.

    I’m giving the Devs the benefit of the doubt to take some time to improve the game and it is improving. Allot of people do forget how WoW started at launch and how long that game has come from its launch to what it is today. Star Trek is a very rich IP, i very much hope it succeeds.

    • Galo, you finally posted on my blog! Today is a good day!

      You’re completely right. I’m glad I’m not one of the decision makers at Cryptic – making a successful MMO is harder than making just a successful game, you have to constantly keep adding content and trying to please an unpleasable fan base.

      I’m really hoping that this first content release is a critical success. If the Klinks get a more fleshed out play experience, if we Feds get cool new ships and missions – well then, that would be a Good Thing.

      • Believe me I check your blog more often than you think lol. I generally respond when i have a point of view to really add if I have a view at all.

        I generally read a “ton” of blogs if my old WoW blog is any indication of my reading habbits to take in various views. There just aren’t as much STO blogs around as yet. But i no doubt there will be.

        As well i like your blog and the way its written or expressed and its one my favorite to visit playing STO as well. One can play the game but it really does enrich the game much more getting other players points of view or help add to theirs. That makes the game much more enriching 🙂

  2. Crytpic is definitely trying their darndest, and it’s sometimes funny to see disparaging remarks against their efforts on other forums. I have never heard of any of the new player races, but I’m happy others are excited about that. I’m also looking forward to an announcing about a new faction, though I also think they should focus their efforts on the Klingons first.

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your exploits with FFXIII. I was at the game store last night debating whether or not I should get it for the Xbox…but I have other games to get through atm (bioshock 2, and the upcoming expansion for Dragon Age) so I decided against picking it up. I may get it sometime in the future, however.

  3. I almost dropped $60 on FFXII to day at the mall. If the cover art is any indication (looked straight from the game) it is gorgeous. I liked the gun-blade concept as my daughter explained it to me.

    • Gunblades are pretty much the coolest fantasy weapon evar.

      In FFVIII, they were pretty much a revolver with a long blade attached. Effective, and solves the age-old “do I bring a sword or a gun to a fight?” fight. Squall’s gunblade.

      In FFXIII, the weapon actually transforms from one mode to another. It’s… really awesome. Lightning’s gunblade.

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