Top 3 Favorite STO Moments

Following in the footsteps of MMO Gamerchick, I’ve decided to list my top three favorite moments in STO so far.

#3 – Fighting Fires

Come on baby, light my fire/Try to set the night on fiiire

Putting out the fires raging through the Kassae II archeological dig was surprisingly fun. It also nets you one of those infamous useable items that are completely useless outside of their original mission, but are fun to play around with and are great for RPers.

#2 – Punching Gorn

Set 'em up, knock 'em down.

I used to hate ground combat. But then, Sensei Kirk taught me the joy of melee. Yes, MMOGC, that’s another classic Star Trek fight – your hubby should approve!  Since then, I’ve been doing knife chops and disintegrating Gorn with my fists.

Bonus: this has got to be the most awesome redubbing of the famous Kirk-Gorn fight evar. Parts two and three aren’t as good, but man, I can’t get over how well that guy edited the first few shots of the first video.

#1 – Kei System Patrol

Fire everything!

This is the first system patrol I ran – probably the first system patrol everyone runs. And I just can’t get over how much fun it was. Three or four brand new, level two captains, fighting off an attack fleet of Gorn. Shields dropping, ships exploding – it was playing this mission in Open Beta that convinced me I was going to like the game.

Bonus: Visiting Deep Space Station K-7. However, I’m using that screen cap for something else: most notably, a story of my crew…

One thought on “Top 3 Favorite STO Moments

  1. 3. “It also nets you one of those infamous useable items that are completely useless outside of their original mission…”

    Too bad, eh? I tried using it once to put out a plasma fire on one of my BO’s and was disappointed that it didn’t work.

    2. That’s actually one of the first clips of the Original Series I’ve ever seen, which is probably the thing that put me off ST for so long 😀 I had no idea it was a classic scene though. I have to admit, once you get over the 60s campiness, TOS is actually quite fun to watch.

    1. You never forget your first major space fight.

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