Now Let’s Not All Be Too Happy…

… but I feel good for STO right now.

– The first raidisode Special Task Force is live, and by some accounts suprisingly fun and difficult. Furthermore, Cryptic has stated that subsequent STFs will be harder.
– The most recent Ask Cryptic is up, and the answers are promising. I think I’ll swing a Klingon engineer or science officer (or maybe a Gorn!!!11!!1) once more content is fleshed out. Given the speed at which I’m moving, they’ll have the Cardassians and the Romulans up and running before I become a Starfleet Admiral.
– A calendar is out, promising more awesome good times.
– w00t for Engineering Reports! The devs really seem to understand that the forums can be useful for finding and reporting bugs.

    Good times, good times. I, for one, am pleased with my Lifetime Subscription.


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