These Are the Voyages: Meet The Crew!

After the jump, meet the glowing personalities of the U.S.S. Ticonderoga!

Bucky Hamilton, Badass Captain

In 2403, the U.S.S. Hamilton, a Luna-class science vessel, was sent core-ward on a long range mission of exploration. Late that year, the Hamilton encountered a derelict Borg Sphere. Most of the Sphere’s compliment of drones had died from an Undine pathogen, but one – Three of Eight, Secondary Adjunct of Trimatrix 793 – was recovered. Named Buckminster by the crew, “Bucky” eventually came to view the Hamilton – and by extension, the Federation – as her new “collective.” In reciprocation for her liberation and rehabilitation, Buckminster of Hamilton applied to Starfleet Academy in 2408.

(I swear, that’s really the last of my nerding out. All of my officers are awesome and not nerdy.)

Tactical Officer Shan (name pending)

Ok, maybe a little more nerdiness.

“So,” I thought to myself, “whose is going to be the Worf of my ship?” Basically, I wanted Worf, but I didn’t want a Klingon – cause The Next Generation had already done that, ya know?

Fortunately, I found out that the Andorians are considered to be a passionate, militant people. Perfect! Shan was born, and her passion and militancy is expressed through her hunched, unhappy pose. The “my forehead is always scrunched” lobes really help that along, too.

I’ve not really settled for a name, though. In fact, she’s not actually called Shan right now. Her first name was Tarah, which I thought was dumb. I promptly changed it to Shonal, only to realize that that was dumber. Now I’m waiting for Cryptic to figure out how I can spend my hard-earned Cryptic points on renaming her. Suggestions, people?

Nazhad, Science Officer #1

In my mind, Nazhad is awesome. Basically, she has a gun fetish. She likes shooting really exotic and destructive weaponry. This is an excellent excuse to equip someone in my party with crazy Klingon disruptors/grenade launchers/things that go boom. Honestly, I should just rename her “Dakka.”

Engineering Officer Four of Twelve

Four is really freakin’ cool. For starters, she came with some pretty good abilities (including one tier III). Furthermore, she has an awesome Neural Blast ability that can stun opponent (however, this ability isn’t documented – I’ve just seen it used in game).

Handsome Rob

I never intended my ship to be a all-female band, and the signing on of Davis “Handsome Rob” Roberts was the first step in rectifying that. Of course, as currently the only male on the bridge of the U.S.S. Ticonderoga, I had to do something special. I think he looks pretty close to his name-sake. He’s my back-up science officer (I’m planning ahead for my Tier II Nova/Quasar!)

7 thoughts on “These Are the Voyages: Meet The Crew!

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    • Actually, Four is the Borg Bridge Officer Amazon offered as a preorder bonus. She’s unique… and she has the Efficient trait, making her only one of two BOs that can affect space combat (the other being, I believe rare Saurians with the Efficient).

      As for “Tarah” – it was just randomly assigned. I liked the way it looked, but realized it sounded too much like a “hume” name (Tera, Tara) for my to enjoy it.

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