These Are the Voyages: Day One

My main thought while I played today was: “This doesn’t feel like a launch day.”

Where No Man Has Gone Before

Servers and Stability

The servers were really smooth today, no drops or noticable lag. This morning, I did have two hard crashes, both within a minute of logging into the game. But that was it. I played a nice long while today, advancing my captain from Lieutenant 3 to 7, and had no problems. It felt pretty good.

Some might argue that the “real” launch was two days ago, when the Headstart opened its doors. That assessment has a grain of truth to it: anyone who wanted to play on Day One could (and probably did) preorder the game, receiving a free bonus to boot. But credit should be given to Cryptic: they wrestled with overburdened servers for two days and were able to make the official launch day a smooth success. But as my esteemed colleague said in-game, this weekend will be a real test of STO‘s stability.


I’m still in the part of the game that I played in Open Beta (I barely got to level 11), so it was nothing new. Autofire in ground combat is still gone (argh), but I’m learning to live with it. Actually, part of me prefers it gone – I can time my Exploit attacks much better without the game autofiring all over the place.

"Shot through the heart, and you're to blame." Alternatively: "You brought a bat'leth to a phaser fight."

I’ve discovered that I really enjoy playing with other people. It’s fun to talk to someone in chat, and to try to keep your wingmen alive. It’s because of that, in part, that I’m gearing toward a Science vessel with Extend Shields and Engineering Teams – I want to be able to warp in and save the day.

I’ve never really wanted to be a healer; I’ve always preferred the Rogue “massive amounts of direct damage” approach. But I really like the idea of saving other starships – something about it seems awesome and noble. Given that the Escort/Cruiser/Science breakdown isn’t exactly the Tank/Rogue/Healer breakdown, it looks like I’m going to be able to do awesome damaging things and keep my friends alive. woot

Speaking of which: if any of you out there need a wingman, let me know. It’s Bucky Hamilton@Aurangzeb in game. I’m leveling up slowly, enjoying myself – that’s why I got a lifetime subscription, after all!

One thought on “These Are the Voyages: Day One

  1. Companies want to make us feel rewarded when we get things like headstart programs for pre-ordering, but sometimes I feel more like a guinea pig 😛 It’s a good way to avoid embarrassing incidents on official release day though, as someone who just started today would likely feel this was a perfect launch. Given that Cryptic’s trying to target all Star Trek fans and not just MMO gamers, I imagine many of those people would have dropped their subscriptions if the crap that went on last weekend had happened today.

    But well, like I said…I’m not making any final judgments until I see what happens this weekend. I had been impressed with the launch of Aion too, and then the weekend hit and I was stuck in 1000+ queues with estimated wait times of over 8 hours! then again, Cryptic also had a news report today that they were going to add more servers this weekend, so we’ll see.

    By the way, that second screenshot is bloody awesome.

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