How’s Your Experience Been?

Syp of BioBreak posted the following question on his blog:

Which of these describes Star Trek Online’s Experience So Far?

  1. Massive amounts of server downtime
  2. Gobstoppingly huge queues
  3. Amazon UK canceling preorders
  4. Some preorder items not available or missing entirely
  5. Smooth gameplay once you’re in
  6. All of the above

My answers:

1) Yes. In fact, I’ve begun to believe that I am actually the cause of the server crashes – they seem to go down just as I log in.

2) When the servers aren’t going down, I play at random times in the evening. I’ve not had any problems with queues.

3) US Amazon actually informed me that they’re doing “release-date delivery.” I should have my Borg Bridge officer tomorrow! So, I’m feeling pretty good about this!

4) I’ve always known that most of the pre-order goodies weren’t suppose to open up till the 2nd. However, I’m growing increasingly suspicious that my Liberated Borg’s Nanites don’t work…

5) Absolutely. Once I’m in the game, its a blast. Ground combat started a little laggy, but I’ve found shutting off dynamic lighting really helps. HOWEVER, MMOGamerchick’s most excellent screen capture seems to sum up alot of people’s opinions – if you are to believe the STO official forums.

One thought on “How’s Your Experience Been?

  1. Amazon is usually pretty good about their “release date delivery” thing, so you should be good to go!

    Personally, I think some people are going way overboard with the pre-order items thing. It’s like, YOU’LL GET THEM WHEN YOU GET THEM, a few extra days isn’t going to kill you! As for me, I didn’t even think any of the retailers here in Canada were part of the exclusives program and so I wasn’t expecting anything, though I just read that EB Games (which is Gamestop essentially) apparently is participating. As that’s where I happened to randomly purchase my preorder, I suppose that means I will be receiving a Constitution class cruiser? Of course I’m sure no one at the store tomorrow will have any idea what I’m talking about if I asked them for a confirmation 😛 To be honest, I really couldn’t care less though, this game is too awesome to be worried about stuff like that.

    BTW, glad you liked my screenshot!

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