Star Trek Online Headstart: I’m Behind the Curve

I’ve yet to  play a single bit of Star Trek Online, and it’s completely my fault.


I was ready to go yesterday morning, bright and early at 10 a.m. Of course, I had trouble logging in for about the first 45 minutes, so I decided to watch the first episode of the Original Series, “The Man Trap.” (Did you know that all three seasons of TOS are on Youtube, for free, legally? Check it out!!!) Another post on this later.

After finishing that up, I was able to log in easy-peasy. But, to my dismay, I found that the “Unknown” aliens section was just as I had left it in open beta. I was really hoping (with no grounds for this hope, mind you) that the Unknown section would get its own drop-down option of premade races, so that you could make Jem’Hadar or Cardassians without your character profile constantly saying “Unknown.”

So I messed around a bit, trying to make a passable Cardassian, but I wasn’t completely satisfied. Also, I’m pretty hopeful that at some point in the future, Cardassians with be playable (either as their own hostile race, or as an allied faction to the Federation, like the Ferengi, or both).

So I decided to instead make a Liberated Borg!

However, the Liberated Borg option was having its own problems. It was originally redeemable in the C-Store, but that collapsed and was taken offline less than an hour after launch. Cryptic then linked it directly to Lifer’s accounts, which was a pretty sweet idea. But some people who had bought the subscription recently (like me) were still without. Threads were created in the forums with people listing their problem, and the devs went through and apparently manually added the last bit. So, six hours after launch, I was able to make my Liberated Borg!

But real life called, and I spent the evening playing with friends. (If I were a forum troll: “Real life interfered with my STO experience! I’m going to cancel my subscriptionnnnnnn!!!111!!!!!11!!!)


This morning, I’ve started making a Liberated Borg officer, but the server seems to have collapsed under the combined weight of many thousands of players. HOWEVER, it looks like the character creator does not reset when you get disconnected. This is awesome. Anyone who has every meticulously made an EVE Online avatar, only to be dropped, knows my pain and how cool it is that that problem isn’t repeated in STO.


I want to make it really really clear: in no way am I unhappy with Cryptic. By all accounts, this launch (pre-launch?) has gone incredibly smooth. Even the forum trolls seem pretty appeased – there are, of course, a number of “this game is to suxors” threads, but they’re finding it difficult to rally support. The Liberated Borg issue was slightly disappointing, but I’m not terribly broken up over it. Cryptic released some untested code that didn’t work and/or didn’t take into account how many people would try to redeem their  Borg character simultaneously. They then worked as hard and as fast as possible to fix the problem. No one is perfect – what matters is how you deal with your mistakes. Props, Cryptic.

And, let me reiterate: my unmade character has not be destroyed by the disconnect. This is glee worthy.

Also, and this is a little strange, I’m sort of happy when the servers go down. I want STO to be a big success – and if lots of people are enjoying themselves, awesome! However, I think the happiness of this is going to wear off real fast.

EDIT: I was actually completely wrong about my character being saved despite the disconnect. That was disappointed, but I had just manually saved, so everything was alright.


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