Launch Day!

So I’m currently having a bit of difficulty logging, so I thought I’d check up on my ATI drivers. FYI, new ones were released on January 27th.

3 thoughts on “Launch Day!

  1. Hey, I read your comment on my blog…were you by any chance having the “borg character” issue that I heard so many people were having? I kept reading bits and pieces of the problem in the chat, but I never got the whole story. Why couldn’t you get it unlocked for 6 hours, what was the issue behind it?

    • Yeah, totally had that problem.

      In the first 30 minutes after launch, you could access your Liberated Borg through the C-Store. (The down side was you had to create a trash character really fast.) However, the C-Store collapsed under the weight of some many people trying to access it, so within the first 45 minutes they took it down.

      About two or three hours later, the devs said they had linked the Liberated Borg with your account in another way – all you had to do was log out and log back in, and you could create a LB character.

      That worked for alot of people, but it seemed that many who had purchased the lifetime subscription recently still couldn’t access it. What ended up happening, it seems, is that we made massive threads that listed who couldn’t access their character, and the devs manually set it up. Everything was sorted out in about six hours.

      I don’t really see that there’s anything to complain about. An accident happen with an untested piece of code. Cryptic tried as hard as possible to fix is as fast as possible. I had to wait six hours; I have a lifetime to play.

      • Well, I’m not a lifetime subscriber but I think it’s cool that you have such a positive and laid back attitude about the whole thing.

        I really don’t see the reason behind all the complaining either, but there’s a lot of people out there who are using their life time subscriber status as an excuse to be an asshole about everything and expect more than what is in Cryptic’s power to give (like, have you seen the forums?). Your approach seems to be a whole lot healthier for everybody.

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