The Cardassians are my favorite race in Star Trek, perhaps only recently rivaled by the Andorians. Yes, I know the Cardassians were pretty much space Nazis at the beginning of Deep Space Nine (things like this official “video documentary” don’t help) – but if DS9 showed anything, it showed that the Cardassians were a remarkably versatile race, with their own share of tragedy and awesomeness. My dream for STO has been playing a Cardassian officer in the Federation.

Massively has posted information concerning the Cardassian Union in STO. It’s is in the same format as as STO‘s Faction profiles, so I suspect Cryptic let them get ahold of the Cardassian profile before it goes live on the main website. The state of the Cardassian Union is just like you might expect it to be: sucky. The reinstated Depata Council is led by none other than Natima Lang, but the True Way has reconstituted itself in opposition to the democratic government. It looks like Gul Madred is arming the True Way, making everything more complicated.

But in even better news – Cardassian elements have finally shown up in the character creator! Players have started to post their pictures here. I really hope they’re a pre-set race in the “Unknown” alien section come launch, which looks like a really distinct possibility!


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