What Does My Captain’s Class Affect?

Seen here, and slightly edited by me:

My Captain’s Class Affects:
– What kits I can use (ground)
– What items my character can equip (ground)
– What skills I can train (ground)
– What class abilities I get (both ground and space)

My Captain’s Class Doesn’t Affect:
– What ships I can fly
– What skills I can train (space)
– What items my ship can equip

Basically, your class doesn’t particularly affect how you play in space; you get five unique space abilities for each class (Attack Pattern Alpha for Tac. officers, for instance), but otherwise no limitations or constrictions.

2 thoughts on “What Does My Captain’s Class Affect?

  1. Hey, I followed your comment on my blog to your page. Looks like you’re enjoying the game as much as I am so far! I’ll be checking in on your page for more of your thoughts for sure.

    • It is surprisingly fun! It isn’t perfect – ground combat is a little meh (but then again, so were phaser shoot outs in TNG) – but I’m looking forward to seeing where this MMO goes.

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